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In remembrance of Seichi Tabata Sensei

Orange County Ki Society

The Orange County Ki Society was established in 1984 to spread Ki Principles and Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido as taught by Master Koichi Tohei.

Located in Southern Orange County, California, we provide a traditional Japanese dojo training environment for students of all ages and abilities. The programs are led by highly skilled instructors with 15 to 40 years of experience. All instructors are certified by the Ki Society and receive ongoing instruction to stay current and maintain certification.

Master Tohei, the Founder of the Ki Society, passed away in 2011 at the age of 91. His son, Shinichi Tohei Sensei, presides at headquarters in Japan. The Orange County Ki Society is associated with Ki Society H.Q. in Japan thru our relationship with the Northwest Ki Federation.
Articles by Shinichi Tohei Sensei
Paying Attention and Listening
It was Sakura Season in Japan this past month. Just a few minute walk from the Tokyo HQ Office is a popular spot called "Chidorigafuchi" for viewing beautiful cherry blossoms...
Unification during Movement and Action
Getting the feeling of a posture with Coordination of Mind and body is the basics of Shinshin Toitsu Aikido practice. Natural posture has natural stability, and by checking stability in...

"Henshitsu"- Changing
(Mind) and (Ki) both have no shape or form, which is why we can't see these with our eyes. Because both are invisible, it is easy to forget their existence...
Performing the Bamboo Cut
There is a form of practice which is called Bamboo Cutting (Takekiri no Gyo). Each end of a green bamboo stick is placed in a couple layers of paper with slits cut in them to hold the bamboo stick...
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