Children's Aikido Weekend - May 18th & 19th

This is an exciting opportunity for our students. Children who attend this event always return to their regular classes with renewed enthusiasm for their Aikido training and many stories to tell. The weekend is designed to be fun but focused. The weekend gives students the opportunity to learn from some of the top Aikido instructors in the Ki Society.

What Is It?

The Children's Aikido Weekend is an annual event. This will be our 5th annual Children's Aikido Weekend in Orange County.

Who Can Attend?

All Orange County Ki Society students under the age of 18 may attend.

What Will Be Taught?

The children train Aikido in classes taught by the federation's senior Aikido instructors. Additional activities will include swimming, outdoor activities and application of Ki principles to sports. A sample of what has been taught in the past includes basketball, soccer, juggling, an obstacle course, kickball and baseball.

Where Will the Event Be Held?

The classes will be held at the Orange County Ki Society dojo. We will also use a nearby community swimming pool and a local city park.

When Will the Event Take Place?

The event will be conducted on May 18th and 19th. The event activities are on Saturday from 8:45am until 7:00pm and on Sunday from 8:45am to 2:00pm.

What About Meals?

Meals are provided during the event and all students eat together as a group. This will include lunch and dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday. Vegetarian options are available. Please make us aware of any food allergies.

What About Supervision and Safety?

Senior Aikido instructors supervise all activities including training and meals. In addition, "group leaders" are assigned groups of 4 to 6 children. These group leaders are responsible for the students in their group. There will be professional lifeguards during the recreational swim time. Roll is taken after every activity.

What Is the Cost of the Event?

One child is $105.00 ($95.00 by May 8th). Additional siblings are $65.00 ($60.00 by May 8th). Group leaders are $60.00. The event fee includes everything for the weekend including a special t-shirt. One of the goals of our organization is to make training available to everyone, regardless of financial situation. We have limited scholarships available.

How Can I Help?

The planning, setup, logistics, meal preparation and car pooling for the entire event are handled by parent volunteers and the instructors. Here are some ways you can help:
  • Grocery shopping (Friday daytime)
  • Setup (Friday night at the dojo)
  • Sign in table (Saturday morning)
  • Lunch preparation (Saturday late morning)
  • Tie dye preparation (Saturday early afternoon)
  • Tie dye supervision (Saturday late afternoon)
  • Dinner preparation (Saturday late afternoon)
  • Carpooling (dojo to the pool on Saturday early evening)
  • Swimming supervision (Saturday early evening)
  • Setup (Sunday morning at the park)
  • Carpooling (dojo to the park on Sunday morning)
  • Lunch preparation (Sunday late morning)
  • Carpooling (park to the dojo on Sunday afternoon)
Your help is appreciated!