Online Class Schedule

We offer online classes six days a week. Below is our schedule for the next seven days.

You may join today's classes by clicking on the button next to the class description. See you in the virtual dojo!

Today's Online Classes

Tuesday - October 27
No classes scheduled

Upcoming Online Classes

Wednesday - October 28
Aikido Class on Wednesday at 10:00am
Children's Class on Wednesday at 6:00pm
Ki Class on Wednesday at 7:30pm
Note: The Ki Class alternates with a Kiatsu Class every other week. Kiatsu Class invitations are sent via email.

Thursday - October 29
In-dojo classes only

Friday - October 30
No online classes scheduled, but check your email for an invitation to 'Ki-ping Connected' on Friday at 7:00pm!

Saturday - October 31
Children's Class on Saturday at 10:30am
Teen Ditch Day on Saturday at 2:30pm

Sunday - November 1
Young Deshi Class on Sunday at 10:00am
Ki Class with Tabata Sensei on Sunday at 11:00am (registration required)

Monday - November 2
In-dojo classes only